They X’d Malcolm -by Nicholas Payton

they x’d malcolm

did they let medgar ever?

made martin luther king

knowing that someday

all kings must fall

poor c.o.r.e. read her

and nat turn her

jesse is for just he

huey knew a ton

fredrick dug glass

why’d they have to hide

in harriet tub, man?

so, join her truth

he lied ya muhammad

do mark us garvey

‘cus when oprah win free

at last

my love has come

a long way baby

because solo man was wise

many wives

mo says the bush is burnin’

go down!

exit us to the

garden of eatin’

the apple

serpent sweet

like cane and able

‘twas eve fore atom

by bull

king james version

virgin mary

don’t you weep

jesus wept

he stir up trouble

and your rules sail him

christ is born!

– Nicholas Payton aka The Creator of #BAM aka The Savior of Archaic Pop